Trīs saujas smilšu, SIA

Funeral services

Cēsu 5, Limbaži, Limbažu n.,
Aloja, Rīgas iela 10

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Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību "Trīs saujas smilšu"
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Komercreģistrs 27.10.2011
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Nr. K085474. 28.01.2013
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Taking into account the needs of customers by good quality and service apedīšanas not only mourning, but also after - peiminekļus, curbs, grave improvement works in March 2015 ELFA project company opened a new department "Morgs- Stonecutter darnīca" In these years, the company '' Three handfuls "of people received recognition for a job well done, compassion, understanding the difficult moment, so seek help from people throughout the district, as well as from other Latvian cities
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26478011 (primary)
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Limbazi, Valmiera, Limbažu pagasts, Limbažu rajons.


Funeral services, Maintenance of cemeteries, graves, memorials, Manufacturing of monuments for cemetery, Crematorium, cremation services, Funeral music services, Funeral planners, Funeral products, Daily morgue services, Funeral transport services, Concrete products for cemetery.