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Kr. Valdemāra iela 25, Rīga un t/c "Damme

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Photo printing on-line company during 1 hour with delivery all over Latvia. Photo studio in center of Riga, Kr.Valdemara street 25, or shopping center "Damme" (Kurzemes pr.1a)

For printing "Fotki" use Photo laboratory NORITSU and professional Kodak products (Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper);

E-mail: (primary)
67331148 (primary)
Open / Working schedule
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
Area we are working
Rīgas rajons.


Additional services

Restoration of old photos executes restoration of photos and renewal. From easy damages to difficult one, such as scratches, dust, rough deep damages, difficult refurbishable details, breaks. Photos are saved only on a paper, preliminary scanned on a professional scintiscanner with permission to 1200 Dpi for the increase of portrait, changing of background and renewal. A price depends on the level of complication of restoration from 4,30 EUR to 30,00 EUR


Background replacement

Replacement of background or moving away of superfluous details is on a background by means of Photoshop of the program


Enlargement of a photo

Excision of detail from a general photo and increase to the possible size of printing. For example to cut out one man from a general photo. For togas, not to lose by an exchange it is necessary to give an original in a digital kind or printed to the paper for a further scan-out.


Photo printing for 1 hour

Printing of pictures for 1 hour on-line of with delivery of Omniva on all Latvia. Points of delivery of photos are in Riga: street of Кр.Валдемара 25 and тц "Дамме". Sizes of printing from a 10х15 cm, 13х18см, 15х20 cm, 21х30 cm, 30х40 cm and 30х90 см.


Framing of photos.

Services in framing in the salons of on Kr.Valdemara street 25 and in shopping center "Damme". Great choice of scopes in place, different sizes and colors. It is simple to order a photo on-line, at a receipt to choose in place a scope under a photo. Price on service of framing 1,50 EUR cost of scope.


Preparing a photo for a funeral

Preparing a photo for a funeral: 1. Cut from the general photo (if necessary), 2. Scanning photos in the absence of the original in digital form 3. Replacing the background or removing unnecessary parts (if necessary) 4. Add black ribbon 5. Photo print (13x18cm, 15x20cm or 21x30cm) 6. Framing in a frame The price depends on the work performed, on the size of the printed photo and on the price of the frame.


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