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Repatriation services

Rīga, Bruņinieku iela 151

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  • Funeral organization
  • Organization of cremation
  • Provision of morgue services
  • Ensuring repatriation
  • Trade of ritual accessories
  • Provision of social support and social services
  • Grave improvement and monument making
  • Establishing and ensuring access to a funeral information system

Transportation of the deceased from / to other countries The funeral services provided by National Funeral Service are characterized by professionalism, particular attention to every detail and care for the uniqueness of each farewell. We have been operating on the international market for over 5 years; we have extensive experience and have gained the trust of much of customers. We offer, among others, traditional funeral services, cremations, grave maintenance and international transportation of the deceased. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have all of the required to fulfil even the most complicated tasks related to the last farewell. We provide all services in a professional and comprehensive manner. European standard EN 15017 / ICS 03.080.30 "Funeral services - Requirements"

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