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Engraving service at the cemetery - letters & portrait, engraving on the monument - different ornaments, flowers and landscapes

City: Ludza
Akmens Kleisti SIA Varoņu iela 11, Rīga logo
Akmens Kleisti SIA Varoņu iela 11, Rīga
  • Varoņu 11, Rīga
  • Rīga, Mālu iela 21 Branch
Territory: Riga, Rīgas rajons, Aglona, Aglonas novads, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles novads, Aluksne, Alūksnes novads, Augšlīgatne, Balvi, Balvi novads, Bauska, Cesis , Daugavpils, Daugavpils novads, Dobele, Gulbene, Jaunolaine.
The company "Akmens kleisti" has been on the market for over 15 years, offering products made from high-quality granite. We collaborate with each customer individually, develop des...
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