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Memorial Services portal provides detailed information on all businesses in Latvia that are related to funeral services. Portal users can easily get the most important information about funeral offices, funeral firms, and compare offers to choose the one that suits the best, depending on price, type of service or location on the map. When people are facing with such an unavoidable but emotionally disappointing moment as a relative's loss, people often have many questions to answer - in the public database of the Latvian memorial information service: Where to turn for a close relative? How much does funeral cost? How To Get A Flattering Funeral Service? How to organize a funeral procession? What are the first steps to be taken when dealing with a relative's loss? What criteria to compare and ho to choose a company that will provide burial services? Can funeral office from Riga provide quality services in the countryside? What to do if the deceased is already taken to the morgue? What are the main criteria for applying a service charge? How much does extra funeral services cost - musicians, transport? Where to apply for state or municipal funeral allowances? The informational portal Memorial Services has compiled the majority of companies related to the memorial field, who providing users with an objective and comprehensive compilation and options. Although it is difficult for people to maintain constructive thinking at such moments, but the merciless business is a business as well that often takes impulsive and emotional decisions. Funeral services include a full range of services, from the recording of burial places and the reconciliation of documents in the cemetery to the funeral ceremony, such as the selection of accessories, music, clergy recruitment, and much more. Nowadays, in most of the cases, people choose to have all this set of services organized together, combining all of the services associated with the loss of a relative - from the delivery of a morgue to the installation of a gravestone, but the practice shows that the combination of such services raises the total cost because burial firms target outsourcing providers and the customer has to pay a commission that is significantly different from the cases when each service is selected separately. It must be accepted that segregation of such burial practices into separate services may seem burdensome, time-consuming and, as already mentioned, choices are based on emotional rather than rational factors at such moments, but the benefits to clients are not only financial but also an opportunity to evaluate the quality and relevance of each individual service. The portal is meant for both companies offering full range of services and individual service providers. Information is available for free to anyone - both for people in need of assistance with a passerby and for companies that want to publish an information about themselves in this public database. "It's good if you do not need it right now, but let's pay tribute to those who need it right now."

Jansons R. ID logo
Territory: Saldus.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Jēkabpils pakalpojumi SIA logo
Territory: Jekabpils.
Wooden crosses, Paid cemetery, Coffins.
Juni Com SIA logo
Territory: Daugavpils.
Wooden crosses, deceased storage services, Morgue services, Morgues, Morgue, Funeral floristry, Deceased storage services, Coffins.
Sēru zvans, Kastaņzieds A SIA logo
Territory: Jekabpils.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
LĒTĀKAIS apbedīšanas birojs, KORONER SIA logo
Territory: Riga.
Burial, Funeral home office, Funeral services, Funeral products.
Krustaceles NA, SIA logo
Territory: Madona.
Funeral services, Hearse services.
Pirmā Latgales Kapsētu pārvalde SIA logo
Territory: Daugavpils.
Funeral services, Coffins, Funeral products.
Liepājas kapsētu pārvalde logo
Territory: Liepaja, Liepājas rajons.
Funeral services, Funeral services in Liepaja.

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Lokus apbedīšanas birojs logo
Territory: Rezekne.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
M.S.Projekts SIA logo
Territory: Riga.
Granite monuments.
MEDEJA apbedīšanas aģentūra logo
Territory: Riga.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Mirklis AF IK logo
Territory: Smiltene.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Mundus NL SIA logo
Territory: Sigulda.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Mūžības slieksnis logo
Territory: Bauska, Bauskas rajons.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Otems SIA logo
Territory: Viļaka.
Stone crosses for graves, Wooden cross grave markers, Coffins, The coffin's design, Old-style stone crosses, Specialised transport services, Oak coffi...
Preiļu Saimnieks SIA logo
Territory: Preili.
Wooden crosses, Coffins.
Resa MIK SIA logo
Territory: Saldus.
Funeral services, Morgue services.
Sebeka SIA logo
Territory: Ķekava.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Sērdienītis SIA logo
Territory: Salaspils.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Skaistas atvadas, Jaunlambikas SIA logo
Territory: Rūjiena.
Funeral services, Wooden crosses, Coffins, Funeral products.
Stiksa 1 SIA logo
Territory: Jurmala.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Svece un lāpstas SIA logo
Territory: Riga.
Burial, Funeral home office, Funeral offices, Funeral services.
TĀLE apbedīšanas birojs SIA logo
Territory: Tukums, Tukuma rajons.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Pilsētsaimniecība logo
Territory: Jelgava.
Burial, Funeral home office, Funeral offices, Funeral office, Funeral costs, Funeral office, Funeral services, The funeral home offices, Coffins.
Elston SIA logo
Territory: Valka, Valkas novads.
Funeral services, Decoration of premises for funeral, The funeral wreaths and bouquets, Funeral products.
Aizsaule IK logo
Territory: Kārsava.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
Dialogs, apbedīšanas birojs logo
Territory: Riga.
Funeral services, Funeral products.
AB krustceles logo
Territory: Liepaja.
Burial, Funeral services, Funeral services in Liepaja, Funeral products.
Annas parks SIA logo
Territory: Sigulda.
Burial, Funeral offices, Funeral office, Registration documents.
Jaunā Krematorija, Apbedīšanas nams, Birojs Sarkandaugavā logo
Territory: Riga, Rīgas rajons, Jurmala, Ogre.
Burial, Deceased storage services, Repatriation services, Repatriation of the deceased, Repatriation, Daily morgue services, Morgue, Morgue services, ...
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