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Manufacturing of monuments for cemetery

Stone as a material has been an integral part of people's everyday routine, and without the presence of stone, human life is neither conceivable nor past.

Historically, not only objects and instruments made of stone material, but also funeral rituals, and the role of stone in them are immensely important, as one of the most common symbols of worship of the wanderer is the tombstone in Latvia and elsewhere in the world. Headstone making has gained its popularity for centuries. Initially, the production of grave monuments was only possible for the upper layer of society, but nowadays, when the supply has become considerably wider and the number of service providers has risen sharply, the average population is practicing and perceiving this grave nianse as self-evident.

Granite is the most common source used in the development of gravestones. Granite from the Latin language granum grains is the most widely spread rock in the continental crust of the earth, of volcanic origin, with a pronounced grained crystal lattice structure, a dense and durable natural stone.

Granite has several types: sonia, diorite, gabbro, labradorite, noocyte, granito-gneiss, and the like.

Properties of the granite: an array (mass density per m3 from 2300-3200), of low porosity with a granular crystalline structure, solid, dense, high strength, granite polishes well, producing a mirror-finish surface; granite has a low water suction and It's hard to scratch it. Latvian gravestone producers most often use Swedish, Ukrainian or Karelian granite in their work.

Tombstone making is still almost 100% handmade, from polishing, shaping and customizing the design of a specific grave, to engraving services and engraving information on stones, as well as adding photoceramics or other additional elements to the tombstone.

The installation of the monument produced is also a very important step in the overall process, since it depends on the extent to which the installed stone is sustainable and will retain its aesthetic and functional qualities for years, for example, it will not begin to sink or go to one side or the other. In most cases, when classical monuments are installed, a stone-sized base is selected. This important detail should also be evaluated according to the soil where the grave is located. Symmetrically, holes are created both in the base and in the grave monument to connect them through the reinforcement rod and the cement. The overall composition of the grave must be symmetrical, level, and above all be in accordance with the customer's expectations.

It is not a secret that the price range for the production of tombstones is very wide, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, depending on the complexity of the order and the client's settings.

How to be sure that price is relevant to quality?

The main price formation factors are:

  • granite type
  • type of stone treatment
  • Thickness, height and width of the gravel
  • Secondary factors, of course, are engraving costs, adding portraits to engraving or photocameras, and so on.

Needless to say, making tombstones is more than supply-side demand - it's mostly a lifetime contribution to honoring loved ones, so the quality of service delivery and installation process are of the utmost importance.

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