Skulptūru un pieminekļu darbnīca, tēlnieks Ronalds Jaunzems

Manufacturing of monuments for cemetery

“Jostnieki” Vendzavas, Užavas pag. Ventspils nov.
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Thanks to our tradition of stone forging and good education, the sculptor Ronalds Jaunzems offers professional, original design monuments from natural boulder, as well as a classic human figure created in a round sculpture or tab with a portrait resemblance. Self-made stone flower vases, etc. are also available. accessories. The artist is characterized by romantic, light and clear plastic, easy-to-read handwritten inscriptions. If you want a high-quality, non-standard solution, welcome to the workshop! Classic craftsmanship goes hand in hand with modern technology, computer design and visualization, so the customer can always see the expected end result, as well as easily choose the best solution. In the workshop, it is possible to see the potential raw material of the monument on site, as well as to view the ready-made samples. As the artist has discovered a unique stone turning technology in his creative growth, we offer a wide range of turns for both landscaping and monumental elements. Together with our colleagues, we perform cemetery design and improvement works.

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