The open cemeteries in Riga and Jurmala.

Open cemeteries where a burial plot can be arranged for a family or an individual based on their place of residence. Other cemeteries may either be partially closed or fully closed, and burials can only take place in special cases determined by the respective municipality.

We would like to provide explanations on how cemeteries are divided in Riga and Jurmala, as well as address the questions that relatives may encounter if they wish to bury the deceased in a specific cemetery.

The open cemeteries in Riga and Jurmala

Cemeteries in Jurmala

The activity of cemeteries in Jurmala is regulated by the municipality of the city of Jurmala. The maintenance and management of cemeteries in the city of Jurmala are handled by the municipal institution 'Jurmala Cemeteries.' Under their administration are five cemeteries: Jaundubulti Cemetery on Liela Street, Sloka Cemetery on Varonu Street, Kemeri Cemetery, Sloka New, also known as the Meza Cemetery on Eduarda Veidenbauma Street, and Beberbeki Cemetery – these 'Jurmala Cemeteries' are jointly serviced with the Babite municipality.

Kemeri Cemeteries, Old Sloka Cemetery, Jaundubulti Cemetery, and Beberbeki Cemetery are partially closed for new burials – burials can only occur if there are family plots. New burials in Jurmala are carried out only at the New Meza Cemetery on Sloka Street. If there is no family plot and a new burial site needs to be arranged, it is necessary to confirm that the deceased was a resident of Jurmala. Residents of Jurmala have the opportunity to acquire a new burial site and bury the deceased if the last declared place of residence was Jurmala. Rental fees for burial sites and their installation are not charged to residents since March 5, 2019.

Paid services include chapel rental, calls during the funeral ceremony, preparation of the area for the funeral ceremony, preparation and issuance of funeral notifications, repeated measurements, division, or consolidation of plots. The cemetery also features a mound – a specially equipped place for storing capsules with the ashes of the deceased. To use niches in the mound, it is necessary to enter into an agreement with the cemetery manager – this is a fee-based service. This service can be utilized by Latvian citizens regardless of their place of residence.

Cemeteries in Riga

In Riga, there are several types of cemeteries, but not all of them allow burials. The capital has three types of municipal cemeteries: open, partially closed, and closed cemeteries. The administration of the city of Riga ensures the management and maintenance of 21 cemeteries. On open cemeteries, the cemetery manager provides the opportunity to choose a new burial site or grants permission for a grave. In Riga, such cemeteries include Jaunciems and Bolderaja Cemeteries. On open cemeteries, residents of Riga have the opportunity to acquire a new burial site and bury the deceased if the last declared place of residence was within the administrative territory of the city of Riga or bury the deceased in an existing family grave.

Distribution of cemeteries in Riga:

2 open cemeteries: Jaunciems Cemetery, Bolderaja Cemetery (Bolderaja New Cemeteries). 15 partially closed cemeteries, where the deceased are buried in family plots, but the allocation of new places is limited. I Meza Cemetery, II Meza Cemetery, Mikela Cemetery, Rainis Cemetery, Sarkandaugava Cemetery, Pleskavnieku Cemetery, Matisa Cemetery, Jugla Cemetery, Bikeru Cemetery, Lacupes Cemetery, Ziepniekkalna Cemetery, Pleskodales Cemetery, New Jewish Cemetery, Old Bolderaja Cemetery. 4 closed cemeteries intended for burials and graves, excluding urns with the ashes of the deceased in existing family graves. Tornakalns Cemetery, Orthodox Cemetery in Tornakalns, Martins Cemetery, Kapsila Cemetery, Sarkandaugava Hill Cemetery. The functions of cemetery management in Riga include:

Organization and control of cemetery maintenance. Providing services for grave digging and funeral organization. Planning and organizing the creation of new cemeteries. Ensuring accurate, transparent, and safe burial records, as well as creating and maintaining an electronic database of burial sites. Creating and maintaining an electronic database of burial sites. Quality control of services provided by commercial organizations operating in cemeteries under contracts with the department and coordinating their activities. Organization of cremation and burial for unclaimed or considered such deceased.

Individual procedure

In point 20 of the Rules of Activity and Maintenance of Municipal Cemeteries of the city of Riga, it is stated that on a partially closed cemetery, a place for burial may be allocated for a deceased person who, during their lifetime, made a special contribution to the welfare of the Latvian state or the city of Riga, based on a statement from the relevant state authority, creative union, non-governmental organization, or professional association.

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