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Information on dates of all Latvian cemetery festivals

Annually, MemorialServices team gathers and provides information on cemetery festival celebrations in Latvian cemeteries, from small rural graveyards, to large city cemeteries .

As time passes by, Latvian cemetery festival tradition not only remained generally observed throughout the ages in Latvia, but is still viewed as one of the most important family unifying customs. Cemetery festival has historically been a day for all generations of a family to get together and collectively remember their long gone ancestors.

It is important to preserve the custom of cherishing the roots by remembering the forebears, where they came from and where they rest, as without these memories the bonds between the past and the present fade away. Preserved family history and knowledge about the heritage should be passed on from generation to generation to strengthen the feeling of dignity even among the youngest members of the family.  

Evolution of traditions and accelerated rhythm of bustling nowadays life may lead to the deceptive conclusion that the custom of annually getting together on a cemetery festival is unimportant. Sadly, there have even been opinions that these kinds of events are not needed at all... And yet, there are families that observe this long-standing tradition with pleasure, pride and joy. Family members from all around the globe are gathered to collectively visit burial sites of their ancestors and show respect to those to whom they owe their current chance for happiness and success. Afterwards calmly assembling around the table to share a meal, talk about their lives and see the growth of the younger generation.

Before the cemetery festival, burial sites are traditionally being taken care of and embellished. Gravesite fences are being restored, sand is renewed, new flowers are planted, bushes get trimmed, tombstones are cleaned and graves get adorned with candles.

In situations, when it is troublesome or impossible for relatives to tend for the graves of their loved ones, MemorialServices professional team offers their help in taking care of these matters.

  • MemorialServices offers to maintain the burial sites of your relatives in your absence. Burial sites in Riga, Jurmala, Ogre and Jelgava districts are maintained without any additional transportation costs.
  • Grave maintenace service may include various additional activities upon agreement with client, to serve individual needs of each person. Flower planting, bush trimming, sand or soil renewal, just to mention a few.
  • MemorialServices is also offering monument cleaning and engraving restoration services with options to restore the tombstones and make an additional engraving.

Application form and contact information for grave maintenance and embellishment services.

Posted in Jaunumi on 19 June 2019

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