How to remotely maintain graves of the loved ones?

Kapu Kopšana Attālināti?

Overall culture of a nation, undoubtedly, can be also assessed from the state of its cemeteries. Latvia has traditionally been a country where memorial culture, including grave maintenance, is of utter importance. Each of many Latvian cemeteries, even the small rural graveyards, creates an ambience of tranquility. Carefully planted flowers and well-decorated family graves evoke bright memories and thoughts about life, family, eternal love and gratitude.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for only the oldest generation of a family to reside in Latvia. It might be hard for elderly people to maintain the numerous ancestor graves themselves, which makes it a duty of the younger generations to care for these graves.

We believe that it might be troublesome for relatives residing abroad to spend the rare precious days intended for a family visit doing these kind of tasks. MemorialServices offers a quality grave maintenance services to people who find themselves in situation like this. Regardless of the obstacles that make it hard for you to maintain the graves of your relatives, be it living in another city, region, country or just being busy due to burstling rhythm of life nowadays, we, MemorialServices, can take the care of graves of your beloved ones for you.

MemorialServices has a proven history of grave maintenance cooperation with fellow countrymen currently residing in Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and France among other distant countries.

Application form and contact information for grave maintenance and embellishment services

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MemorialServices platform serves as a specialized service provider, which ensures that people could receive all the necessary help after the loss of the loved one. From funeral organization to grave tending services, we provide all the services one could possibly need in such a hard time.

  • MemorialServices offers to maintain the burial sites of your relatives in your absence, especially in the eve of the annual traditional cemetery festival. Burial sites in Riga, Jurmala, Ogre and Jelgava districts are maintained without any additional transportation costs.
  • Grave maintenance service may include various additional activities upon agreement with client, to serve individual needs of each person. Flower planting, bush trimming, sand or soil renewal, just to mention a few.    
  • MemorialServices is also offering monument cleaning and engraving restoration services with options to restore the tombstones and make an additional engraving.

Posted in Padomi on 11 March 2019

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