„Ceļš pie Andreja Eglīša” - piemiņas taka

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Ļaudonas pagasts,
„Ceļš pie Andreja Eglīša” - piemiņas taka Gallery photo

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To honor and preserve the memory of the poet Andrejs Eglītis (1912-2006), in 2007, a memorial path “A Way to Andejs Eglītis” was created in the Ļaudona Cemetery. Indulis Ojārs Ranka is the sculptor and author of the sculptural performance of the Memorial. The path consists of a group of 8 sculptures that associatively show poetic motifs of Andrejs Eglītis. The trail (approximately 50 meters long) starts near a chapel and leads you through the cemetery’s ravine to the grave of the popular Latvian poet and his mother Emīlija Eglīte.

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