Īles nacionālo partizānu bunkurs un piemiņas vieta

Memoriālie objekti

Zebrenes pagasts, Dobeles novads
Īles nacionālo partizānu bunkurs un piemiņas vieta Gallery photo

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The renovated Partisans’ Bunker is not only a tribute to the national partisans, but also a fascinating place of interest, which reveals another page of the tragic Latvian history.

The largest partisans’ bunker in the Baltic States was built in 1948 in the Īle forests by the united Latvian-Lithuanian group of national partisans to continue resistance fighting against Soviet rule. On March 17, 1949, the partisans who occupied the bunker at the time fought their last battle against the KGB army of 760 men. 15 partisans were killed and 9 were captured along with their supporters and deported to Siberia. The bunker has been restored exactly as it was prior to the bombing. The White Cross and memorial objects were erected next to the bunker.

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