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The story of former Talsi pastor, violinist and a friend of composer L. van Beethoven began in Lipaiku vicarage in 4 October, 1771. 10 year old boy started school in Jelgava city, continued his studies at the Peter’s Academy, where he studied German, mathematics, geography, history, philosophy, science, and history of the Church, learned Latin, Greek, French and mastered the violin. In 1792 K. F. Amenda traveled to Germany to study theology at the University of Jena. After graduation, the he went to France and Switzerland, made music and were earning money with private lessons. In 1798 Amenda came to Vienna, where he became a home teacher for recently deceased composer V. A. Mozart’s children and he met L. van Beethoven there. Amenda became the great composer's closest friend, and in later years was first to know the secret about the L. van Beethoven’s hearing damage in a letter written to him. In the summer of 1799 Amenda received the news that he must return to Courland and take care of a sick brother's family. In 1802 Amenda was ordained as a pastor in Talsi Lutheran Church where he served in good faith till the end of his life. K.F. Amenda was married to Zanete Benoit from Geneva, Switzerland, and God blessed their marriage with 13 children. Karl Ferdinand Amenda died from fever in 8 March, 1836. He was buried in the place he once chose for himself in a southeast shore of the vicarage lake.

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