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J.Poruka iela 8, Cēsis
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Funeral home "Dzivibas darzs" is a full-service funeral agency that provides services ranging from transportation, organization of a funeral ceremony or cremation, and ending with ritual removal to a cemetery or from a funeral hall. The funeral home has its own hearse, professional undertakers leading the funeral ceremony, and musicians capable of providing a sensitive and high-quality burial. The funeral agency "Dzīvības dārzs" serves Cesis, Limbazi, Valmiera, as well as other nearby areas. Extensive experience and certified employees are the main indicator of attitude in such a difficult moment as the loss of a loved one, the provision of a range of professional and thoughtful services.

The funeral home provides the following services:

  • Funeral transport, hearse,
    • Funeral services,
    • Preparation of documents,
    • Funeral accessories,
    • Organization of cremation,
    • Ritual floristry services,
    • Organization of the funeral table,
    • Registration of the burial place before and after the funeral,
    • Improvement of the cemetery,
    • Production of tombstones.
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