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Filling out a burial application can be done in our office located at Riga, Vienības gatve 48A, in Ziepniekkalns. A qualified agent can also visit your home to complete the burial application. Alternatively, you can submit an application by informing us 24 hours a day.

We provide round-the-clock free consultations and handle the documentation process, including obtaining the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. We assist with applications for burial benefits, GASS benefits, and other assistance programs. We prepare documents for the transportation of the deceased abroad, handling formalities at the airport and customs.

We offer morgue services, including 24-hour morgue services in Riga. Our services include the storage of the deceased body, washing, embalming, makeup, shaving, mouth and lip treatment, manicure, and other special requests. We also provide sanitary treatment of the deceased, placing the deceased in the coffin, and autopsy services.


wooden casket – draped

Coffins made in Latvia. Available in different colors and sizes, usually available in standard sizes 2m x 0.75m x 0.55m. Comes with crib and pillow, white.

Koka zārki

Latvijā ražoti, iespējams pasūtīt dažādās nokrāsās (tumšākus, gaišākus, ar krāsu pāreju, brūnus, sarkanus (bordo)) un izmēros. Parasti pieejami nestandarta izmēros (lielāki nekā 2 m x 0,75 m x 0,55 m), pēc Jūsu pieprasījuma zārkus var izgatavot no apses, priedes, melnalkšņa, egles vai ozola. Komplektā nāk gultiņa un spilvens, baltā krāsā (iespējams pasūtīt arī citā krāsā). Cenas – sākot no 210,00 EUR.

Wooden coffin - sarcophagus

The coffin sarcophagus can be ordered in different shades (darker, lighter, with a color transition, brown, red (burgundy)) and in sizes. Usually available in this size (2.10 m x 0.75 m x 0.75 m), upon request, the coffin can be made of aspen, pine, alder, spruce, oak or ash. Comes with crib and pillow, white. Prices start from 1600,00 EUR. The price for an oak or ash coffin may differ from the one offered here.

Wooden urns

Wooden urns made in Latvia, available in different shades (darker, lighter).

Funeral floristry

Funeral floristry: flowers, bouquets, wreaths (natural flowers, artificial flowers), bouquets on the coffin, satin ribbon wreaths, linen ribbon wreaths etc. according to the wishes of the client.The flowers, bouquets and wreaths ordered are delivered to the funeral venue (to the graveyard, crematorium or elsewhere as requested by the client) if the funeral is organized by us. If only wreaths are ordered without funeral organization, then we will deduct the shipping charge, see the shipping section for shipping charges. If wreaths are ordered by picking up from our office (Vienibas gatve 48, Riga), they can be picked up on working days from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (or by individual arrangement), during weekends and holidays our office is closed.Crown size approx. 90 cm in diameter. The price depends on the amount of flowers in the crown - the more flowers, the more expensive the crown. When ordering a wreath, please note in the notes what flowers are in the wreath (for example: leaf in the middle, red gerberas on both sides, white chrysanthemums on the bottom. Or: only red roses on the crown. Or: red carnations at the top, white chrysanthemums at the bottom, etc.), so we will understand exactly what wreath you have chosen.It is also possible to order tapes with inscriptions. White and black satin ribbons or folk ribbons are available. Text on the tape are requested to write in notes.

Pārklāji mirušajam

Piedāvājam dažādu veidu pārklājus (atlasa, mežģīņu, lina, dubultos, komplektus (pārklājs mirušajam + pārklājs spilvenam), katoļu, pareizticīgo, vecticīgo, tilla, stepētus, nestandarta garuma vai nestandarta platuma utt.). Cenas – sākot no 8,00 EUR.

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White satin ribbon for wreath (with inscription)

When ordering a wreath, it is also possible to order a ribbon with the inscription on the wreath.


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