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Riga Brethren Cemetery is Latvia's largest memorial ensemble dedicated to about 2,000 Latvian soldiers (among them also about 200 unknown) who were killed between 1915 and 1920 in World War I and the Latvian War of Independence.

Riga Brethren Cemetery covers an area of 9 hectares in northeastern Riga, 5 kilometers from the city centre. It was built as an integrated combination of sculpture and landscaping between 1915 and 1936, to designs by sculptor Kārlis Zāle. The idea and design of the memorial is the pride of the Latvian nation. This was the first memorial ensemble of its kind in Europe. The memorial features three parts: the 205-meter-long Road of Contemplation, leading through an avenue of linden trees; the Terrace of Heroes, encircled by an oak grove and an altar of eternal fire; and the Graveyard, with the sculpture of Mother Latvia and her fallen sons on the other end.

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