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The Triumph Arc and Alexander's gate are situated in the garden of Viestur. This is the only triumph arc in whole Latvia. Its author is I.D. Gottfried. It was built by the example of Triumph Arc in Rome. It was built on Alexander's Street (Todays Brivibas Street) in 1817. The Arc was built in honour of the victory against Napoleon in 1812. It is 10,1 m high, 9,7 m wide. The width of carriageway is 4,25 m. It is decorated by 4 bronze medallions with the symbols of peace and war. In 1936 the arc was brought back to its new place (where it is nowadays) in the garden of Viestur, because the arc interrupted the transport runs. From the centre by tram nr. 5 or 9 until the bus stop called "Washington Square".
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