Statement of death

It is necessary to call a family doctor or emergency medical aid to obtain a medical statement on the ascertaining the fact of death.

How to act when faced with the death of a loved one?


Accident, violence or suicide.

It is necessary to call the police and emergency medical assistance. The police will decide whether a forensic medical examination is necessary, emergency medical assistance will issue a statement about the fact of death. It is worth remembering that emergency medical care does not bring the deceased to the morgue. The police will call a funeral service, which takes the deceased to the morgue of the state forensic center.

Do not sign a rash agreement on the provision of a complete list of Funeral services from the service that the police called. Everyone has the right to resolve Funeral issues deliberately, and not in a hurry.



It is necessary to deliver the deceased to the morgue - this can be done by calling any Funeral service.

Transportation to morgue does not oblige to the agreement on other Funeral / Burial services with the same service provider.


Death certificate, funeral benefit from the state.

A death certificate in the civil register can only be obtained if there is a doctor's conclusion on the fact of death. Social benefits for funerals from the state or local government can only be obtained if there is a death certificate. A death certificate is also required to register a burial place or inheritance proceedings.


Funeral organization

The choice of the place and format of burial - cremation or traditional burial. Choosing a funeral service provider. Choice of a burial place, musical accompaniment, funeral floristry, transport for funeral guests, a hall or church for ceremony.


After funerals actions

Dealing with inheritance issues, improving and caring for the grave, choosing a monument and other accessories for the burial site.

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