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Often people are surprised by the unexpected life situation when we are forced to say goodbye to a close friend, friend, colleague for a lifetime ... At such moments, one is distracted and unable to maintain constructive thinking about decision-making.

Portal Memorial Services collects information on flower salons and mourning for floristry companies that enable people to select, compare and make funeral orders for canvas, brooches or mourning bouquets in an easy and understandable way. The portal summarizes both business contact details and coordinates on the map, as well as the ability to communicate online in order to facilitate the decision making process and address the issues of interest to the company's representatives.

Funeral wreaths are the most common type of flower used in the funeral. What are the main differences and price formation factors?

Flowers are an integral part of life's beautiful and sad moments. Not for nothing, because through the flowers we talk from heart to heart. And just through the flowers, we get to know both beauty and diversity of life. With flowers we salute our loved ones and leave them forever.

What are the main flower formats that are used when laying on the walks of the earth?

Funeral wreaths in flower parlors are made according to pre-adapted patterns and individually depending on the settings of the belongings. Funeral wreaths are often made for the whole family, not just one deceased person.

The portal Memorial Services provides the opportunity not only for the public to get useful information about funeral wreaths, flower companies and florist cabinets, but also offers industry companies to add their product assortment to the portal. Companies also have the option of creating individual profiles that can upload pictures, describe the offer, add products, and do a lot of other activities. This is a great opportunity not only for companies that do not yet have a website and who do not communicate with their existing and potential customers in the digital environment, but also those who want to separate their offer from the memorial sphere, that is, focusing primarily on their core business - but the portal is used as a platform for the promotion of funny floristry products. We invite floristry companies and flower salons to offer their products to people who are in this life situation. Put your offers in the MemorialServices catalog and people will be grateful to find the most convenient, closest or most heartfelt supplier to you.