Company registration

Right after the registration you will be able to take control over all company information. It is recomended to fill in Keywords, Services your company provide and mark the territory you are working in. Do not forget to upload a logo of your company and put a Marker on the map.

Memorial Services will review your company details in a very short time and will publish your company data inside Memorial Services catalog.

Choose memorial service package

Fill in Contact person information and company details. Please note that such information like Adress and Company name will be possible to change only by sending an appointment to Memorial Services stuff or by calling to our call center +371 67 67 51 67.

Contact person

Company information

Create the unique page adress for your company website

It is very important to find a good url name to your company or business. Note that only (-) minus sign is allowed as separator between the words and there should be no other special char in url name.