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The MemorialServices portal offers extensive information about all companies in Latvia that provide funeral services. Users of the portal can simply and conveniently obtain information about funeral homes throughout Latvia, find out how to organize a funeral, find out how much a funeral costs and how to find the nearest funeral agency.

When a poor person dies, people often have many questions, especially if a person encounters this for the first time in his life - here you will find answers to most questions:

Where do you turn first in case of death?

How much does a funeral cost?

What will be cheaper - burial as usual or cremation?

How to get quality funeral service?

Who organizes the funeral process?

How to compare and choose among the many funeral agencies a suitable company that will organize the funeral?

Can a funeral company from Riga provide quality services in rural areas?

What to do if the deceased is already in the morgue, but you want to choose another funeral company to conduct the funeral?

What does a funeral service estimate consist of and what can you give up to save on expenses?

How much do additional services at a funeral cost - musicians, transport?

Where can I go and how much money do I need for help from the state or local government in the event of death?

The MemorialServices portal includes a complete and very extensive range of services, all of which are related to such an event as the loss of a loved one. It is not uncommon for people in such a case as the death of a neighbor to not want and be able to make rational decisions - in this case, many funeral agencies take on the responsibility of organizing a funeral, including a full range of services - starting from the preparation of documents, a place in the cemetery, a morgue, specialized transport - a hearse before organizing the entire process with musicians, mourning floristry and organizing a memorial dinner, transferring visitors and even after that - installing a monument. But practice still suggests that combining such different types of services leads to an increase in overall costs, since funeral agencies often engage other companies to provide certain services, and the commission is included in the customer’s estimate and the cost of these additional services can differ significantly compared to the customer would apply for a specific service immediately.