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Funeral services

Maskavas iela 108, Mālu iela 28 , LV-1058
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The company “Angel” will assist you in solving any issue related to the organization of funeral, cremation, as well as repatriation of the deceased. The death of a loved one is a painful moment in life and not everyone understands what to do in such situation.

Our team with extensive experience gained over the years will help you in solving all issues in relation to:

  • Paperwork

  • Translation of documents into another language

  • Delivery of the deceased to any country

  • Cremation

  • Organisation of funeral

  • Help and support around the clock 24/7

The company “Angel” offers a large assortment of coffins, from upholstered coffins to sarcophagus. You can also buy from us:

  • Urns

  • Wreaths, flowers, candles, mourning ribbons, clothes for the deceased

  • Grave cross, Cross for the coffin

Funeral, cremation, delivery to Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Europe, as well as repatriation from Europe and the CIS countries.

Our Offices

Rīga, Mālu iela 28 . Rīga, Maskavas iela 108

Rīga, Mālu iela 28 - (+371) 20080007

Rīga , Maskavas iela 108 - (+371) 27020605

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20080007 24 h (primary) , 27020605
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