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Piemineklis Krišjānim Baronam logo
Territory: Sigulda.
Monument to Krišjānis Barons was made by the sketches of the sculptor Teodors Zaļkalns (1937; 1939). The monument was erected in 1985 in honor of Kriš...
Piemineklis Atim Kronvaldam logo
Territory: Sigulda.
In 1938, the monument of Kronvaldu Atis, made by Teodors Zalkalns, was unveiled at the front of the New Castle. Kronvaldu Atis was a teacher and a pub...
Piemineklis Rūdolfam Blaumanim logo
Territory: Sigulda.
Monument to Rūdeolfs Blaumanis was unveiled in 1988. The sculptor - Igor Dobičin.
Lielā stēla logo
Territory: Sigulda.
The big memorial plaque Stēla. It was placed in honour to inhabitants deported during the period 1941-1949. Located at the intersection of Čakstes an...
Daina, Sigulda logo
Territory: Sigulda.
Monument was turnet in 1939. The sculptor - Aleksandra Briede. The monument was brought from Staburags and erected in Sigulda in 1980.