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Memoriālie objekti - pieminekļi ievērojamiem cilvēkiem, vēsturiskās piemiņas un apbedījumu vietas, kultūrvēstures uzziņu vietas, muzeji un memoriālie kompleksi.

City: In all towns
'Senlatviešu karavīrs' - piemineklis 1919.gada brīvības cīņās kritušajiem logo
"Senlatviešu karavīrs" - piemineklis 1919.gada brīvības cīņās kritušajiem
  • Varoņu iela 31A, Valka, Valkas pilsēta, Valkas novads
Territory: Valka.
In 1919th the Latvian War of Liberation of the fallen Valmiera infantry soldiers Warrior cemetery. In 1922, october 1 the momunet was unveil. This is the first biggest artistic mad...
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2. Pasaules kara padomju karavīru Brāļu kapi logo
2. Pasaules kara padomju karavīru Brāļu kapi
  • Skolas iela 14, Gulbene Gulbenes novads
Territory: Gulbene.
1968.gadā Spārītes parka malā izveidoti 2. Pasaules kara padomju karavīru Brāļu kapi, kur pārapbedīti padomju armijas karavīri, kuri krituši visa Gulbenes rajona teritorijā.
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Ādolfa Liepaskalna piemiņas akmens logo
Ādolfa Liepaskalna piemiņas akmens
  • P39, Alsviķu pagasts, Alūksnes novads
Territory: Alsviķu pagasts.
The memorial stone (the sculptor - A.Zelčs) was placed in the area where the world record-holder in distance walking, Ādolfs Liepaskalns (1910-1972), had lived and trained.
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Aleksandra Čaka memoriālais dzīvoklis logo
Aleksandra Čaka memoriālais dzīvoklis
  • Lāčplēša iela 48/50, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1011
Territory: Riga.
The Aleksandrs Čaks Memorial Apartment is a place where one will encounter an authentic environment, created in a mundane yet artistic manner, that was once inhabited by a legend, ...
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Aleksandra paviljons logo
Aleksandra paviljons
  • Fitinghofu iela, Alūksne, Alūksnes pilsēta,
Territory: Aluksne.
The Pavilion is also known as the Tea or Coffee Pavilion, as the barons’ family loved to drink their morning tea there. It was built at the end of the 18th century and received its...
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Alsungas Livonijas ordeņa pils logo
Alsungas Livonijas ordeņa pils
  • Pils iela 1, Alsunga
Territory: Alsunga.
The oldest section of the castle was built in 1372 with 2.3 m thick ramparts and watch towers. The other parts of the castle were built from 15th to 18th century. A tourist informa...
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Andreja Upīša memoriālā māja logo
Andreja Upīša memoriālā māja
  • Daugavas iela 58, Skrīveri
Andreja Upīša memoriālajā mājā satiekas rakstnieka garīgā un fiziskā darba augļi. Apmeklē Andreja Upīša stādītā dārza ieskauto muzeju un uzzini stāstus ne tikai par pašu Upīti, bet...
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Andreja Upīša memoriālais muzejs logo
Andreja Upīša memoriālais muzejs
  • Brīvības iela 38, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010
Territory: Riga.
This is one of the rare museums in Latvia that reflects recent historic reality and the paradox of Socialistic ideology.
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Baltijā pirmā vecticībnieku lūgšanu nama piemiņas vieta logo
Baltijā pirmā vecticībnieku lūgšanu nama piemiņas vieta
  • Noras iela 53, Daugavpils,
Territory: Daugavpils.
In Daugavpils, at the cross point of Baznicas and Liginisku streets, the memorial place of the first Baltic Old Believer’s prayer house (1660) is located. Latvian Old Believers ear...
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Barklaja de Tolli piemineklis logo
Barklaja de Tolli piemineklis
  • Brīvības bulvāris 23A, Centra rajons, Rīga,
Territory: Riga.
Barklaja de Tolli piemineklis ir piemineklis Krievijas karavadonim Mihaelam Andreasam Barklajam de Tolli. Tas atrodas Esplanādē, Rīgā, netālu no Kristus Piedzimšanas pareizticīgo k...
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  • Rūpniecības iela 15, Ērgļi, Ērgļu pagasts, Madonas novads
Territory: Ērgļi.
Svecīšu vakars 2023. gadā 7. oktobrī pk.17:00 Kapusvētki 2023. gadā 2. septembrī plkst. 13:00 Svecīšu vakars 2022. gadā 1. oktobrī pk.17:00 Kapusvētki 2022. gadā 3. septembrī plkst...
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Brāļu kapu piemineklis un Brāļu kapi Dobelē logo
Brāļu kapu piemineklis un Brāļu kapi Dobelē
  • Brīvības iela 27A, Dobele, Dobeles pilsēta, Dobeles novads
Territory: Dobele.
The monument depicting a grieving soldier and a partisan was erected in 1956 in the World War II soldiers’ cemetery at the base of the destroyed Dobele Liberation Monument. It was ...
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Brīvības piemineklis logo
Brīvības piemineklis
  • Raiņa bulvāris 11, Centra rajons, Rīga,
Territory: Riga.
The Freedom Monument has been Riga's central landmark for almost a century. This 42.7 m tall granite and copper work of art is a symbol of the Latvian nation's striving for freedom...
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Brīvības piemineklis, Bauska logo
Brīvības piemineklis, Bauska
  • Brīvības bulvāris, Bauska, Bauskas novads
Territory: Bauska.
The monument devoted to those who were killed during the Freedom Fights. The base of the monument was erected in 1929. The works were not completed by several tens of years due to ...
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Cēsu Pulka Skolnieku rotas piemineklis logo
Cēsu Pulka Skolnieku rotas piemineklis
  • Bērzaines iela 2, Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta,
Territory: Cesis .
The restored monument is situated in the area between Palasta Street and Bērzaines Street. The monument represents the place where the Students took the road to the front line of t...
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Dagdas pilsetas kapi logo
Dagdas pilsetas kapi
  • Pļavu iela 15, Dagda, Dagdas pilsēta, Krāslavas novads, LV-5674
Territory: Kraslava, Krasta r-ns, Dagdas novads.
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Daina, Sigulda logo
Daina, Sigulda
  • Šveices iela 33, Sigulda, Siguldas pilsēta,
Territory: Sigulda.
Monument was turnet in 1939. The sculptor - Aleksandra Briede. The monument was brought from Staburags and erected in Sigulda in 1980.
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Dobeles atbrīvošanas piemineklis logo
Dobeles atbrīvošanas piemineklis
  • Brīvības iela 1, Dobele, Dobeles pilsēta, Dobeles novads
Territory: Dobele.
This liberation monument designed by the distinguished sculptor Kārlis Zemdega has had a tragic fate. It was revealed for the first time in 1940 and destroyed 10 years later on the...
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Dzejnieka Andreja Pumpura krūšutēls logo
Dzejnieka Andreja Pumpura krūšutēls
  • Lāčplēša iela 20, Daugavpils,
Territory: Daugavpils.
The poet A. Pumpurs (1841-1902) created epos “Lacplesis” (1888) about the legendary national hero Lacplesis (13th century), the fighter against foreign conquerors that is based on ...
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Dzīvības aplis, nāves ēna logo
Dzīvības aplis, nāves ēna
  • Ezera laukums 2, Talsi, Talsu novads
Territory: Talsi.
Memorial site ”Circle of Life, Shadow of Death” dedicated to the victims of the 28th June 1997 tragedy in Talsi (by sculptor O.Feldbergs).
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Ebreji Latvijā logo
Ebreji Latvijā
  • Skolas iela 6, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010
Territory: Riga.
Established in 1989 and housed in the historical building of the former Jewish theater, the museum “Jews in Latvia” is dedicated to researching, promoting and commemorating the his...
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Ebreju Memoriāls, Biķernieki logo
Ebreju Memoriāls, Biķernieki
  • Biķernieku mežs
Territory: Riga.
Biķernieki Forest is a graveyard for thousands of Jews slaughtered there during World War II. The memorial ensemble's center is a black granite cube, a symbolic altar, with an insc...
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Ebreju Memoriāls, Rumbula logo
Ebreju Memoriāls, Rumbula
  • Maskavas iela 471, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga,
Territory: Riga.
Rumbula is one of the largest holocaust sites in Europe. Based on a design project by architect Sergejs Rižs, the memorial ensemble was opened on 29 November 2002. The ensemble was...
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Ēdoles pils logo
Ēdoles pils
  • Ēdoles pagastā, Kuldīgas novadā
Territory: Kuldīgas novads.
Ēdole Castle (Latvian: Ēdoles pils; German: Schloß Edwahlen) is a Gothic Revival castle situated on the banks of Ēdole Lake, Ēdole parish, in the historical region of Courland, wes...
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Eduarda Smiļģa teātra muzejs logo
Eduarda Smiļģa teātra muzejs
  • Eduarda Smiļģa iela 37/39, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1002
Territory: Riga.
The Pardaugava home of renowned director and founder of the Daile Theatre, Eduards Smiļģis, has been transformed into a museum. The exposition shows the original, bright, and contr...
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Eola templis logo
Eola templis
  • Fitinghofu iela, Alūksne, Alūksnes pilsēta,
Territory: Aluksne.
The temple is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the park built in the second part of the 18th century and devoted to the Greek god of winds, Aeolus. The dome of the temp...
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Grāfa Leona Plātera piemiņas vieta Daugavpils katoļu kapos logo
Grāfa Leona Plātera piemiņas vieta Daugavpils katoļu kapos
  • 18. novembra iela 220, Daugavpils,
Territory: Daugavpils.
Now, there is no clear opinion about the final resting place of the member of Polish uprising in 1863 count Leon Plater. Some sources tell that he was buried in a sandy spot of the...
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Granīta Obelisks logo
Granīta Obelisks
  • Tempļakalna iela 6A, Alūksne, Alūksnes pilsēta,
Territory: Aluksne.
In 1799 Burhard von Vietinghoff ordered to build an obelisk in hounour of his father. On its pedestal a marble plate was fastened with the inscription in German "To the best father...
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Gžegoža Fitelberga memoriālā piemiņas plāksne logo
Gžegoža Fitelberga memoriālā piemiņas plāksne
  • Mihoelsa iela 58, Daugavpils
Territory: Daugavpils.
Gzegoz Fitelberg (1879 - 1953) was born in Dinaburg (Daugavpils) in Jewish-Polish family. He was a significant composer, conductor and violinist. The memorial plaque (designed by O...
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Īles nacionālo partizānu bunkurs un piemiņas vieta logo
Īles nacionālo partizānu bunkurs un piemiņas vieta
  • Zebrenes pagasts, Dobeles novads
Territory: Zebrenes pagasts.
The renovated Partisans’ Bunker is not only a tribute to the national partisans, but also a fascinating place of interest, which reveals another page of the tragic Latvian history....
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