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Maintenance of cemeteries, graves, memorials

Mālu 28, Rīga


Candles in the cemetery

We offer to put memorial candles after beautifying or cleaning the burial place. Candle burning time 50 hours.

Fir branches

At the customer's request, the graves are covered with spruce branches. One place costs 10 euros

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a simple cleaning of a grave area, including cleaning of needles, branches, withered flowers, candles from the burial place and near it. We carry out spring cleaning, starting from the moment when the snow has melted and the weather conditions allow work to be carried out. Upon request, we place willows on the graves and light candles - please note additional services from the offer when placing an order. We send a photo report BEFORE and AFTER to your email address or WhatsApp. Grave cleaning cost:Grave size up to 7.5 m2 65.00 EUR Grave size 7.5 to 9.5 m2 85.00 EUR Grave size 9 to 15 m2 110.00 EUR Grave size 15 to 30 m2 165.00 EUR

General cleaning of the grave

General cemetery maintenance once a year includes: cleaning the territory, deep raking (with the removal of weeds and their roots), leveling the terrain, adding fresh sand, black soil, and mulch where necessary to refresh the cover (complete replacement of the cover is a separate service), blowing away granite chips with a leaf blower, washing decorative trees (in the frames of graves), trimming and pruning shrubs, cleaning graves, tombstones, frames, curbs, and benches, transplanting or maintaining perennial plants. *This maintenance does not include reconstruction or renovation work.PRICES FOR GENERAL CEMETERY MAINTENANCE: Single grave site - EUR 280.00. Double grave site - EUR 360.00. Triple grave site - EUR 440.00. Very large grave site from 15 to 30 m2 - EUR 520.00.

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