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The transfer of mortal remains from Latvia to other European countries, the Schengen area, the Asian and CIS countries, the transfer of mortal remains from abroad to Latvia, cargo 200 Read more

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SIA Mūžība logo
SIA Mūžība
  • Pērnavas iela 52, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1009
Territory: Jelgava, Jurmala, Ogre, Riga, Salaspils, Saulkrasti, Salaspils novads, Jelgavas novads.
Funeral agency "Mūzība" - support for family and loved ones Our main goal is to support family and loved ones in this difficult moment. We understand that arranging a funeral can b...
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ANGEL - Repatriācija logo
ANGEL - Repatriācija
  • Maskavas iela 108, LV-1003
  • Nometņu iela 9 Branch
  • Sia Apbedisanas biroja Angel Branch
Territory: Riga, Ogre, Jurmala, Jelgava.
Repatriation The "ANGEL" Funeral Bureau will help you complete all necessary documents and organize the transportation of the deceased promptly. Not every funeral bureau can take o...
24 h
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Rainar SIA, Ainara Spirģa apbedīšanas birojs logo
Rainar SIA, Ainara Spirģa apbedīšanas birojs
  • Kuršu iela 25, Liepāja
Territory: Liepaja, Grobiņa, Durbe, Pāvilosta, Jūrkalne, Aizpute, Alsunga, Priekule, Nīca.
Funeral Bureau "Rainar" offers a full range of funeral services in Liepaja, Kurzeme, Latvia, Europe, and worldwide. We operate 24/7. Funeral services and accessories. Post-payment ...
24 h
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Anatolija Stils Plus logo
Anatolija Stils Plus
  • Stūrmaņu iela 32, Rīga
  • Maza Kleistu iela 12, Rīga Branch
  • Jūrkalnes iela 21, Jūrmala Branch
Territory: Riga.
Apbedīšanas birojs “Anatolija Stils Plus” atrodas Stūrmaņu ielā 32, Rīgā, apkalpojam tādu lielu Rīgas un pierīgas daļu kā pārdaugavas daļu, sākot no Iļģuciema - Imantu, Bolderāju, ...
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Apbedīšanas birojs 'ANGEL' filiāle Jūrmalā logo
Apbedīšanas birojs "ANGEL" filiāle Jūrmalā
  • Nometņu iela 9
Territory: Baldone, Ķekava, Jurmala, Riga, Rīgas rajons, Jelgava, Salaspils, Ogre, Kauguri, Ķekavas novads.
Branch of Funeral home "ANGEL" in Jurmala, Nometņu Street 9 ** Losing a loved one is a difficult moment in life, and not everyone understands how to cope in this situation. Our exp...
24 h
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Sia Apbedīšanas birojs Angel logo
Sia Apbedīšanas birojs Angel
  • Sia Apbedisanas biroja Angel
Territory: Riga, Rīgas rajons, Jurmala, Salaspils, Ogre, Kauguri, Jelgava.
The company “Angel” will assist you in solving any issue related to the organization of funeral, cremation, as well as repatriation of the deceased. The death of a loved one is a p...
24 h
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In Sensum SIA logo
In Sensum SIA
  • Salaspils, Lauku iela 9
Territory: Riga, Salaspils, Ādažu novads, Ķeguma nov., Ikšķiles novads, Garkalnes novads, Baloži, Daugmales pagasts, Dreiliņi, Baldones novads, Ulbroka, Mārupes novads, Baltezers, Babītes pagasts, Baldones pagasts.
Mūsu apbedīšanas birojs SIA „In Sensum“ ir gatavs Jums palīdzēt, uzņemoties bēru organizēšanu. Izdarīsim visu, lai atvieglotu šo grūto sēru posmu, nokārtojot visas nepieciešamās fo...
24 h
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Latona Ltd SIA logo
Latona Ltd SIA
  • Rīga, Ģertrūdes iela 58
Territory: Jurmala.
Funeral bureau "LATONA" has been providing a full range of funeral services since 1992. We are one of the first private funeral bureaus in Riga and one of the oldest family-owned b...
24 h
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MS Apbedīšana un Kremācija logo
MS Apbedīšana un Kremācija
  • Mālu 28, Rīga
Territory: Riga, Jurmala, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Ventspils, Ogre, Kuldiga, Jelgava, Sigulda, Ainaži, Aizkalne, Aizkraukle, Ādaži, Baloži, Cesis , Dagda, Dobele, Engure, Ērgļi, Gulbene, Iecava, Rēzeknes novads, Līvāni, Limbazi, Bauska, Daugavpils, Rezekne, Saulkrasti, Talsi, Ludza, Salacgriva, Mārupes novads.
Memorial Services - funeral and ritual services in Latvia. Our team is ready to assist you with organizing funeral services: Transporting the deceased to the morgue 24/7 Traditiona...
24 h
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Liepājas apbedīšanas birojs SIA logo
Liepājas apbedīšanas birojs SIA
  • Vaiņodes iela 15, Liepāja
Territory: Liepaja, Vaiņode, Aizpute, Grobiņa, Saldus, Liepājas rajons, Dienvidkurzemes novads.
"Liepaja Funeral Bureau" We have been representing the funeral industry since 2015. All our employees have years of experience in local government and the funeral sector. By the de...
24 h
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  • Rīga, Vienības gatve 48a
Territory: Sigulda.
Filling out a burial application can be done in our office located at Riga, Vienības gatve 48A, in Ziepniekkalns. A qualified agent can also visit your home to complete the burial ...
24 h
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Atvadas, SIA - Hipokrāta iela 2 logo
Atvadas, SIA - Hipokrāta iela 2
  • Hipokrāta iela 2-k17, Rīga, LV-1079, Latvija
  • Rīga, Tēraudlietuves iela 3 Branch
Territory: Riga, Baltezers, Rīgas rajons, Ādaži, Latvija.
Katrs cilvēks neatkarīgi no tā, vai ticējis vai nav ticējis aizsaules dzīvei, dzīvojis godīgi vai grēkojis, obligāti nonāks pie dzīves beigām uz zemes. Kas tālāk – nav zināms, bet ...
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Klusums, apbedīšanas birojs logo
Klusums, apbedīšanas birojs
  • Inženieru 45, Ventspils,
Territory: Ventspils, Ventspils novads.
Funeral service bureau “Klusums” offers a full range of funeral services in Ventspils. We will support you in difficult times. We have a wide range of funeral services and everythi...
24 h
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Repatriation services

Repatriation is the return of a living or deceased person to his or her own country as a national of that State. Also, in the case of death in a foreign country, this service is used - the delivery of the deceased body to Latvia, which is internationally known as a repatriation service. Sometimes you may encounter the term transboundary transport of a deceased person or the international transportation of deceased people.

Nowadays, when people often choose to study, work abroad, travel, or relax outside of Latvia, they also face a problem like the death of a relative in a foreign country. What to do and what to do in this situation? How much does it cost to bring a relative to your home country?

Most often you have to decide whether to organize cremation abroad or to bring the deceased body back to your homeland and bury it in a traditional way. Memorial Services provides information on what to do if an unexpected surprise is the death of a relative abroad, the first steps and the cost of repatriation. Where to turn to bring the dead back to my homeland?

In each country, there are different rules and procedures for how the deceased is removed from the state - therefore, the Memorial Services portal of the Latvian Memorial Services recommends that burial companies with experience and direct qualitative repatriation services be offered. These services are not cheap and the arrival of a deceased person in general will exceed the limit of EUR 1,000.00, but cremation services abroad are not cheap, so it is to be expected that this procedure together with the burial will cost 2000.00 EUR. Usually these costs lie on the shoulders of the loved ones, but there are various ways to partially or completely cover these expenses. Read the portal's articles, where you will find answers to these and many other questions such as:

If a relative is dead abroad, then it is necessary to transport it to the homeland with specialized transport - a capelin and rules that the dead can only be transported in a zinc coffin. When you bring a late person to Latvia, you must overturn it in a normal coffin because it is forbidden to burial a zinc coffin in a cemetery.

The portal Memorial Services provides an informative solution when people are faced with situations like the death of a close relative abroad and his return to his homeland, cremation and the return of the ash urn from abroad to Latvia from Latvia to other countries.

The Memorial Services Portal provides an informative solution when people face situations such as

death of a loved one abroad and his repatriation,

cremation and delivery of urns with ashes from abroad to Latvia, repatriation from Latvia to other countries.

You can contact the 24-hour helpline for emergency assistance in situations such as the death of a loved one abroad: +370 22055885

The Memorial Services portal contains contact information for funeral homes throughout Latvia that provide repatriation services.